Shiva P.

This sounds to me like a very good idea/app/concept. In this day and age of security worries, the ability to get a quick help in the variety of scenarios offered is welcomed.

Juan Mendez

This company and the mobile app is amazing. I am very happy with the security guards I decided to book. This year for my birthday I decided to rent out a venue and I needed security guards to guard the entrance. I hired three guards and they all arrived professionally and on time. I paid …

Eric Naumann

This is the best way to make extra money, your setting your own pay scale. What a great innovation in such an uncertain world.

Jesse Kaufman

So I am from the bay area and I decided to call Guard Grabber Tech. to do some work on finding out information on a living situation and living trust issue we were having. David answered all my questions and was very polite and helpful. Being a business owner myself I was very impressed with …

Luis Orozco

I decided to sign up on the Guard Grabber app and have had great success so far. Just thought I would give back for what this app has given me! Highly recommend signing up either as a security professional or someone wanting a security service. Easy fast and convenient for both parties.

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