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Security Services Available:

Private Investigator

Also known as a private eye or private detective, a private investigator can be hired by a person or company to undertake investigative services. Private investigators are often hired by a spouse or partner to substantiate one's loyalty in a relationship. Companies use private investigators for loss prevention of inventory or embezzlement of company resources and attorneys use private investigators in legal cases to determine what is factual.

Process Server

Also known as a service of process or process serving agent. A process server can be hired by a person or company to serve legal documents so that appropriate notice has been given. Often used by a spouse in divorce proceedings or landlords in eviction proceedings. A process server is also used by attorneys in legal cases.

Security Officer

Also known as a protective agent or loss prevention agent. A security officer can be hired by a person or company to protect against theft and property damage. Security officers are often used for event security and as bouncers for gateway entry.


Also known as a close protection officer. A bodyguard takes on the task of protecting their clients from dangers that may pose a threat. A bodyguard also escorts their clients during their activities for protection against theft or harm.

Security Guard

Also known as a protective agent. A security guard is hired by individuals or companies as a preventative measure to deter theft and property damage by maintaining a high visibility, security guards represent their authority to protect private and corporate property.

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