Privacy Policy

How personal information is used in operating the Guard Grabber platform. Processing transactions in the support of all activities we may from time to time share user’s personal information with necessary agents, service providers, representatives and contractors to facilitate the support of email origination, order fulfillment, receipt support services and customer relations management. We do require these entities not to use or share any information for any other purpose. You agree and understand that in accordance with third party privacy policies the Guard Grabber platform has no control over and is not responsible in any matter or liable for any omissions or actions any third party may take.

Opening an account or engaging in any activity while in the use of the Guard Grabber platform fully implies your consent and agreement for the storage and disclosure practices described in this privacy policy. You agree that the Guard Grabber platform has your permission to use all necessary measurers including access to any information or applications that will facilitate your uninterrupted use of the Guard Grabber platform. Your privacy is very important so our information practices and your choices about the way information is collected and subsequently used by the Guard Grabber platform applications owned, operated or offered by the Guard Grabber platform in conjunction with third party affiliates. Information is received such as personal information provided by you when you visit the Guard Grabber platform and other information that may automatically be collected from your browser or device.

You may choose to create or login to your user account through the use of third party network sites by providing your SNS account login information through the Guard Grabber platform. By granting access you agree that the content may be stored in your SNS account including contacts or followers lists that can be available to other users depending on the privacy settings selected by you to your SNS account that may be available on the Guard Grabber platform.
When you sign up to the Guard Grabber platform a verification code is received through SMS and forwarded to the mobile phone number given by you to verify the phone number is correct. This permission is intended to look for incoming SMS and for search of the verifying message sent. By granting access to the camera feature will enable your credit card to be scanned without the need to type in your payment information. By granting permission to full network access communication with the Guard Grabber platform and connecting with third party services enabling map data downloading. By granting permission for vibration control you will be prompted to important information and the arrival of your service provider when your phone vibrates.

When you subscribe to the Guard Grabber platform you can express an opinion in the rating of the service provider and remain anonymous. Guard Grabber holds the right in accordance with the law what may be deemed public information and information that may not be suitable for public consumption.
In the maintenance of the Guard Grabber platform, information may be used to contact you, referred to as information communications such as but not limited to email confirmation and other account information. Any information you post or publish to or in the use of the Guard Grabber platform that may be sent to others including profile information, through any email, feedback and social media posting, you agree to the use of your information. Your interactions with others and any related information is your sole responsibility and the Guard Grabber platform holds no responsibility or liability.
The Guard Grabber platform takes protective measures to secure against alterations or misuse of information within its control. Information may be transferred outside the state and other jurisdictions that you may reside in at the time of creating an account. By using the Guard Grabber platform, you hereby represent and do warrant that you read and agree to all the terms set forth in your use of the Guard Grabber platform and all other policies published by and in the Guard Grabber platform.

There may be third party actions and omissions that fall under their own privacy policies where the Guard Grabber platform has no control and holds no liability.
Personal information may be disclosed if applicable to law enforcement or other legal entities that may request personal information for the safety of the public. The Guard Grabber platform is under no obligation to withhold any personal information. Your information may be used to facilitate communication to you or from others that may include photos, license plate numbers and but not limited to ratings.

All intellectual property is owned by Guard Grabber technologies Incorporated. The rights to sole ownership include and are not limited to everything related to app documentation, UI, designs, and development code. All trademarks, company and product names are the sole property of their rightful owner. A non-assignable revocable limited licensed for use and display of the Guard Grabber marks are in conjunction with services provided through the Guard Grabber platform. The license is non-transferable and non- assignable for granted use by others.

When accessing the Guard Grabber platform from a mobile device, mobile application, or land based PC, you may be prompted to share your precise location through GPS or IP address identification, in that we can customize your Guard Grabber experience. Cookies and other tracking technologies help to improve or customize products through content and offerings of services or advertisements. This information is not intended to solely identify you personally but are derived from data you voluntarily submitted to the Guard Grabber platform. Your submitted information may be used to manage and measure third party service providers, agencies, advertisers, or partners that may use tracking technologies and cookies to facilitate service providers and partners provide relevant advertising.
By using the Guard Grabber platform, you agree and consent to the use of software development NITS in conjunction with any mobile app that the Guard Grabber platform offers. To collect mobile identifiers and associated information. Also known as IDFA’s or android advertising IOS for interactive information between mobile devices and your activities. You may opt out from any tailored advertising on your mobile device at your discretion. The Guard Grabber platform recognizes and adheres to civil code section 1798.83 that responds to questions in regard to all business practices related to third parties and the disclosure of personal information for the purpose of direct marketing. Send any requests subject opt out to and opt out of such sharing. Include for identity verification purposes any associated account numbers and email addresses or other identifying account information.

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