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Guard Grabber Technologies Inc. is where job opportunities and community safety come together. It’s all about being in the right place with the right platform. In this case, the right security app for direct access to security professionals on demand in real time to your location. With a growing need for security and community-based job opportunities, Guard Grabber is the solution.

I first became aware that there was a need for on-demand security while out one night in the city. I observed a luxury vehicle pull up and park on Main Street. Its occupants appeared to be going out for dinner and while they were away, people began to peer through the car window, admiring the beauty of the vehicle. I thought to take a look but didn’t want to join the crowd. Later in the evening, I passed the car once more and noticed that someone had keyed the vehicle, creating a large scratch on one side to the other. What a terrible thing to do to somebody I thought so I asked my date why somebody would do such a thing? She replied that it was a common event and that people do it out of jealousy. Having been a part-time security officer, it was natural for me to notice a need for property protection. Through this event, an idea was formulated to solve the problems of automobile damage, high-cost deductibles, and larger insurance costs. The solution at the time was to provide security guards for hire on location, paid by the hour. I thought of all the benefits if it was possible to have a security guard stand next to the luxury vehicle, keeping onlookers off the windows, and preventing the vehicle from being damaged, potentially saving the owner money through lower insurance costs using this security system.

However, there were challenges to the idea. The year was 1982, an age in which smartphones and apps were not yet invented. The logistics and execution were limited to payphones and the idea was thought to not be feasible and was forgotten until a time arrived. When I was approached by a stranger asking if I was waiting for Uber. At the same time, a man coming down a flight of stairs yelled out, “I am Uber!” and the two left in a car together. This event made me realize that the idea I had thirty-five years earlier could finally be implemented in the current technological environment of the 21st century.

Being the founder of one of the largest online distribution centers and an entrepreneur with a background in the security industry, seeing the opportunity to take an idea on a journey to a finished product was exciting. Having an opportunity to build an e-commerce business related to the security industry was a natural process. The introduction of an application was also an exciting challenge for my son, Eugene. Having built his own personal computer at an early age, he instinctively developed the original idea into a security app that has revolutionized the security industry. His older sister, Cheryl, a security guard licensed with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, described that she was getting a lower pay rate than she felt she deserved and the late night hours were unappealing and lonely, having mentioned that a partner would be nice because at times she felt unsafe. In an effort to solve the undervalued security guards complaints, Eugene’s plan was to allow the security guards to set their own hourly pay rate, creating a platform to accommodate a security guard in New York City that would charge more per hour than one would in most other cities. This would give his sister Cheryl and others like her a more self-rewarding job opportunity. This also benefits the customer by providing a location-based pay rate for low-cost security services.

Expanding on the original selection of security services, Eugene’s younger sister Josephine, with her background in international business administration has included process servers and private investigators to the platform, providing employment opportunities to an increasing number of people. Working together they have formatted a patent pending processing system for security services and financial transactions in any currency. Now available for download, the Guard Grabber security app allows people and businesses direct access to affordable security services without a long cumbersome booking process while giving a wide range of security professionals the opportunity to list their services in a way that was not available in the past.

Creating something that has never been done, seen, or used before, is challenging. We are a family of entrepreneurial inventors and security professionals that have worked hard over the past year with one mission in mind: to benefit society.

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