Frequently Asked Questions

What we do at Guard Grabber Technologies Inc.

Guard Grabber a software applications Development Company in the business of creating freelance service marketplaces. Comprised of two patented mobile applications, Guard Grabber offers a new way of conducting business. Unlike other companies, there are no fees for buyers or sellers of professional services. Guard Grabber is a free marketplace where professional entrepreneurs can grow and customers can save. Our platform offers professional freelancers the opportunity to list their pay and keep all the money they earn. On the fastest most reliable mobile app, customers can instantly hire background checked licensed professionals, to get the job done right the first time at a price that will fit any budget. 

Who can use the Guard Grabber Platform?

The Guard Grabber platform may be used by persons not less than 18 years of age. By becoming a user of the platform, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old with authority and capacity to enter into and abide by the terms and conditions of all agreements within the Guard Grabber platform.

How Guard Grabber works when you job hire with us.

We offer customers direct access to your professional service listing for free.

Customers throughout the United States come to the Guard Grabber marketplace to find and hire licensed background checked professionals just like you. Customers see search results in real-time with profiles, prices, ratings, and credentials. They can also filter their results to find more professionals who are a good match for their specific job, or they can hire professionals within minutes around their designated area.

Customers choose professionals that fit within their budget.

A customer will reach out when they believe you may be a good candidate for a job they want done. This will be a push notification message through the Guard Grabber mobile app or a call to book. You should respond quickly and answer any questions they may have to get hired. When a customer starts a conversation with you, it is up to you to secure the job by presenting yourself as a professional. Providing your customers with a great experience from the start is how you gain loyalty and repeat customers.

How you get jobs on the Guard Grabber Platform.

Respond to all the customer inquiries. Customers can message, call, or book you directly after seeing your profile in the search results. You’ll see the job details, and if you are interested, you should reply quickly by tapping the accept button presented on the Guard Grabber mobile app. If you are not interested, simply decline the lead to maintain a good response time.

Get more control over the customers you meet on Guard Grabber.

Promote your services. Tell your current and former customers to download the Guard Grabber mobile app, where your local services are available on-demand in real time. Guard Grabber is the only market place where you choose which jobs to work while keeping all the money you earn on your own schedule. Our marketing campaigns will also help to promote your services creating even more jobs.

How to provide services.

Simply click onto the mobile app icon “Become a Guard” and register as a pending freelance service provider for a temporary username and password. Verification screening of past or present employment will take place though Accurate Background Inc., a professional third party background check company. You will be prompted to provide all the requested information such as but not limited to: current security work or prior work, your driver’s license, vehicle license plate, badge number, and any other documents as requested, including your application title and level of profession such as security or law enforcement. This may include fingerprint-based background checks and fingerprint scans through a live scan and or other third party screeners. After the initial validation period, a notification will be sent to you via email on your approval status. If approved, an account will be assigned to you for your sole use, not to be shared with any other persons under any circumstances.

How to receive services.

Simply click onto the mobile app icon “Get a Guard” and sign up, creating a username and password. Once you are signed up, your user account will become available. Giving you the opportunity to choose the best professional service provider for your job and their requested hourly rate for your budget. Select the amount of time the professional is needed in hourly increments on a per-pay basis and tap book now. Or use the in app calendar to book out for a later date. You can track your service provider to your location as you view their icon movement on your mobile map in real time. Having the ability to rate your professional service provider anonymously helps to make the Guard Grabber platform a five-star experience that you expect. All tips, if any, are voluntary and not required by the recipient of service.

The many benefits gained as a customer.

We are here to help you save time and money when you are in need of any professional security service. We have created the best security system for you with the Guard Grabber mobile app, giving you real-time access to view each security professional’s profile for free. You get their photo, height, weight, credentials, a five star rating system, and their distance from your location. You can watch their arrival to your door with GPS tracking and choose the price you want to pay, with access to all their hourly rates. The Guard Grabber app makes it easy for you to book any security service that best fits your budget. Download the Guard Grabber app today and start living life well protected wherever you go.  Every professional service provider is background checked, licensed, and ready to help you at a moments notice.

Currently Available Professional Services Listed Here.

Private Investigator

Process Server

Security Officer

Security Guard


How do I delete my account?

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