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Wouldn't it be great to work for yourself? Set your own hourly pay and have the freedom to work on your own desired schedule. Welcome to the introduction of a new system of monetary exchange on the Guard Grabber platform. What started out as a concept to lower commercial building and auto insurance cost by providing on demand security guards to watch over luxury vehicles and commercial buildings has developed into a larger disrupt.

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Guard Grabber is an application platform with staffing and management advantages to provide a whole range of security services. A platform where you can see in real time security services arriving to your location. The best security systems are staffed by real people and the services of security guards are the eyes and ears needed to protect a tremendous amount of assets. So it is a natural fit for private investigators on the platform to assist with inventory loss prevention and facilitate in inventory recovery at a moment's notice. Technology boosts manpower effectiveness and now the availability of legal processors to deliver documents on demand in real time. With a photo in hand of the recipient a denial of identification by name is made obsolete. The future will hold more application technologies with the arrival of capable control systems and we are here to implement these systems as they are released.

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Coming from an entrepreneurial family operating e-commerce businesses with a security background over the past three generations. My goal is fast access to place security services where they are needed the most at a moment's notice in real time with the ability to share the cost. When security personnel compete for your business their services become more affordable for everyone. The creation of a new pay system gives you the authority to determine your own self-worth not someone else making that important hourly wage decision for you. Experience it for yourself and together we can provide jobs for the people in our community. The people who have the ability to protect all our loved ones and the property we own.


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